'being a being'

In her solo exhibition Being a Being, the artist Anna Kott presents an installation of works on paper. The two dimensional works are complemented by a three dimensional element, two threads of red and blue wool that undulate across the walls of the exhibition space like a lifeline, a sign for continuity and the flow of a journey. The works on paper act as points of stasis and stations.

The rabbit, that is the subject of the works on paper, has a long tradition in the iconogra- phy of art history as a symbol of fertility, reincarnation and vitality. Kott is especially interes- ted in the animal’s independence and force of life that it embodies, altogether indepen- dently from humans. In her installation the rabbits act as potential beings and examples of life.

The installation Being a Being originated in an extended stay in Bruton, Somerset in the South West of England where Anna Kott had a residency in 2016. Both rabbits and wool are closely related in place and time to this experience.

Two of the rabbits are included in the new artist book Anything at All, whose structure is mirrored in the installation Being a Being and which is on view as a prototype as part of the exhibition at Garten114.



Newsletter Garten114, Project Space, 2018, Berlin

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