'kott doll'

Anna Kott creates paintings of women. The background and subject of Anna Kott is dedicated exclusively to ‚the female‘ and the apparent public image the gender has. In her middle-format paintings, she assigns the role of the message carrier to female nudes, seemingly totalitarian - militant female portraits and others, who bring glossy magazines to mind. Anna Kott consciously stages her photographic templates.
Poses of repression encounter portraits of dominant women, who are seemingly taken out of a military context or reminiscent of Newton‘s ‚cold heroines‘. There again Kott‘s illustration of women show many emotional impulses, they are ‚biased‘ in the best sense and convey an idea of ambivalent feelings. The artist creates a cosmos of images, which can most probably only develop with the constitutive Catholicism of Poland in mind. Subduing female nudes are followed by portraits which are distinguished by strong views. Often the works contrast each other richly. Nonetheless, their subject matter is the same: the woman‘s role.


Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin | Beijing, Berlin, Germany 2012

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